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Welcome to the website TeamJR.org for the awesome Jess & Russ household website. We really haven’t completely decided what we are going to do with this site yet. But there is many ideas we can and might do with this website. You can continue to follow us to watch the evolution of this site. But for now we are going to do something fun.

So as we move further into this page this means it’s time to move forward in the union of the TeamJR team.

Jess, you are my everything. Since you have entered my life I feel as if our union was meant to be. Evening in the darkest of time I still feel that us together will accomplish anything and will get through the most challenging of situations. I love you with all my heart and soul so much that I want to be in this life as long as possible meaning I would love to see us grow super old together like a couple of old tribal elders. Since you coming into my life I seen changes in me and how I see the world which makes me want to to do more to help out but only if it more with you. At one point I was just going to give up on pursuing a relationship as being tired of all the BS that I have dealt with in past relationships. I have found the one I want to be with for eternity of our souls or if reincarnation is real I sure hope we keep on meeting each other in each life scenario and being together. But for right now in the here in now this union need to move forward to the next step. So with this being said. Jessica, WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!!!

Everyone you can vote here: http://www.teamjr.org/the-wedding-ring-battle-2020/

{{{ We will possibly doing video for the actual asking for marriage for TeamJR supporters when the ring comes in for the fun. This spot is a place holder for it }}}}

Now, because there is soo many awesome rings to choose from Jess our wedding ring is going to go through a public voting battle which will end on Jan 20 2021 and the one with the most votes will be our rings although, I kind of want them all. So here is the page where you can vote for the best wedding ring:

Thanks For Visiting/Reading. We hope your enjoying your stay.