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Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I hope You all are doing good. I @rukun am doing ok. Super busy lately. Which is why you guys haven’t really seen anything being further done with the TeamJr.org website. Kind of like just sitting here doing nothing which is what it have been doing since the my wedding ring battle to choose the best ring to give to my wife. Little bit over a year since last year and @vivicawolf got married. Plus 10 years together. <3

Anyways, I have had plans with this website for while I just got a lot going on and I’m still kind of doing the planning of what I would like to do with this site. I will say that one of that major plans I was going to have with this site is that I wanted to make this website more of a family friendly type of site being there is no bad language allowed. We want to post and write content for all ages and be helpful for all ages. Though, you can only be 16 years of age if want an account. It’s just easy on us to manage if have that restriction. I want 99% of our content to be freely available to read in its’ entirety without having to signup for an account and/or paid for a subscription. We are also LGBTQ friendly, and all are welcome without hate here.

Now, right now we are not allowing account registration but those of you who support us, see this page here: https://www.teamjr.org/how-to-become-a-teamjr-org-supporter/. Reason is at the time of this post there is a one man team working on the site. There are two other staff but because this site was a bit on the back burner for a bit while I get some other things figured out. Mainly trying to get on a more permanent web hosting solution for my network of website and web hosting business.

Some of the content I plan on and would like to see here are like help or how to blog post and articles as I think article like that can be helpful. Like I stated earlier LGBTQ friendly and my household, is a LGBTQ family. My family is what gave this website it’s title. I’m also planning on having other content in more family friendly style blog/news posts about thing going on in the world.

This is it for the moment I’m going to try and post here more and do more getting thing set up. That being said some pages with be moved around or more of less kind of archived in a sense like the home page will be switching to more of a blog/article style.

Thank for reading

By Ru-Kun Rutakus

The Creator of this website and network, the nerdy dood yours truely. Computer guy, gamer, husband, dad.

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