How To Become A Supporter

Hello everyone Russ here for and welcome to the how to become a supporter page. Why would you want to become a supporter? Because if you like what we are a about it helps keep our website and content here flowing although is not really a site for a lot of content. We do have a member only community and currently being a supporter is the only way to get an account where you can interact on the with public and member only content. We have a discussion forums and I, Russ plan on maybe promoting random creative pieces of work if shared inside the community. To top it off becoming a supporter of you will also become a supporter of my (Russ/Rukun’s) website more for adults called ThoughtsOfEverything dot com or dot org. Both domains name go to the same place. But you will also get 1% discount on most of my business services offer at

Now if you would like to support us we accept Paypal, Skrill, Coinbase and other crypto-currencies. You can also send us tip if you are using Brave Browser which is you not using right now click here to download to your computer or phone: then turn on the Brave rewards settings for you can earn BAT tokens which you can then send to us through Brave Browser.Once you have sent us a tip and supported out content you might want to contact us below so we can set up an account on is you want one. Now supporting us also gets you premium account at Thoughts Of Everything dot com dot org  which is more of a blog and other content website/media outlet. You will also get lifetime discounts on most products and services offered by Russ’s business Rust Of All Trades. Thank you if you do support us as right now during the Covid19 Pandemic we have need more help than ever and we are also most at the spot of losing the ideas we are working on. 

Now either way make sure you use the contact form below to either send us a payment through other options or to let us know the transaction info after you sent a tip through Brave Browser so we can get your account created. Anyways, thank you for reading and if you supported us thank you very much as we put a lot of work into our content and ideas.